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Ultimate Recycling Guide
3 Rs Made Easy
  • Fully localizable online guide that you can embed in your own website. Tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle more than 250 items.
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Public Education Platform
Websites Made Easy
  • Turn-key website with local recycling guide, collection reminders, e-newsletters, social media, blog posts – all mobile-friendly.
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Commercial Outreach Tracker
Compliance Made Easy
  • Data-driven tool that supports outreach and compliance efforts for businesses and multi-family properties.
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Service Estimates
Made Easy
  • Web and mobile app for calculating service estimates and conducting waste assessments in the field, then automatically generating PDFs on the spot.
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Public Education Platform

Websites Made Easy

Local Recycling Guide

Highly visual, super clear, dead simple to follow. Most importantly, always accurate to your local program.

Collection Reminders

Residents will love the convenience of the reminders, and you’ll love the results of the educational tips that we send along with them.

Social Media & Newsletters

Reach people where they are! Send email newsletters and post to social media with the click of a single button.

Mobile Friendly

Designed with on-the-go citizens in mind — more than 50% these days — Recyclist reaches everyone, everywhere.

Reporting Made Easy

Print-ready reports and data that you can use to quantify and communicate your outreach efforts.

EPA Stormwater Compliance

Fulfill the Public Education & Outreach Minimum Control Measure with critical info about stormwater discharges.

Public Education & Outreach

Commercial Outreach Tracker

Compliance Made Easy

AB 1826 & AB 341 Compliance

Education, Outreach & Reporting

Waste Assessments

Hauler Data Integrations

EAR-Ready Stats & Reports

Tablet-Friendly for On-Site Visits

Business Monitoring & Compliance

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