Software for Food Waste Prevention & Recovery

Across the board, local governments, businesses and non-profit organizations are turning to technology to facilitate the complex work of food recovery. As a software company specializing in waste reduction, we’re frequently asked if Recyclist has a food recovery solution. Here’s the answer:

What We Do: Program Tracking

The Recyclist Program Tracker is a comprehensive commercial and multi-family waste tracking solution. For our California customers, in anticipation of SB 1383, we have already rolled out food recovery features to track:

  • Edible Food Generators
  • SB 1383 Tiers
  • Generator Type
  • Food Donation Recipients

Because it’s highly customizable, some of our customers also use the Program Tracker to track food recovery programs. For instance, drivers for a food recovery program in one city use the mobile app version of the Program Tracker to log pickup dates, weights, donors, recipients and even photos if necessary. This allows the city to track their program and see reports in real time.

The Program Tracker is designed to be a central repository for all program information and data, so if you do use one of the solutions listed below, we’ll gladly import data from any platform into our Program Tracker, giving you direct visibility into both the small and big pictures.

What We Don’t Do: Logistics

Connecting the dots between donors and recipients is complicated and requires a company’s full focus. Luckily for the waste industry, many organizations have thrown their hats into this ring, giving both donors and recipients a lot of great choices.

Below is a list of the apps, online platforms and networks that facilitate recovering edible food and transporting it to hungry people. We are grateful for these companies’ commitment to make the world a less-hungry, less-wasteful place and encourage you to check them out. Note that this list is specifically geared toward California businesses and residents, though some of the companies operate nationwide and even internationally.

Connecting Businesses to Consumers

The following apps and websites help connect the average person with restaurants and businesses that have excess food. They typically partner with businesses to make sure that food gets sold at a discounted price before it goes bad.

Food For All
Food Loop
Tango Tab

Connecting Businesses to Nonprofits

These apps and websites are worth investigating if you are a food business looking to find a home for larger amounts excess food. They will help you get your food to the people who need it, as well as give you reports and data on what is typically overproduced.

Chow Match

Ample Harvest
Feeding America’s MealConnect
Food Cowboy
Food Rescue Locator
Food Rescue US
Full Harvest
Waste No Food

Connecting Consumers to Consumers

These apps and websites are marketplaces or maps to connect the average person with extra food to another person who needs it — directly!

Falling Fruit
Crop Mobster
Food Keeper

Connecting Consumers to Nonprofits

Why throw out or haul all your old food when you move? Move for Hunger connects registered moving companies with people who are moving. The hired movers will pick up your unwanted, non-perishable food items and deliver it to local food banks.

Software and Resources for Businesses

The following companies offer software or resources for food businesses to track their food waste.

Lean Path
Spoiler Alert
The Food Rescue Robot

Composting Resources

If food has already spoiled and can’t be donated, these two companies have a great solution: compost!

Common Compost

If you can’t find the solution you need, Recyclist offers technology consulting services. Get in touch — we’re be happy to talk to you about developing a custom solution to meet your needs.