Digital Marketing Campaigns

Engaging, Local Online Ads

Reach new audiences & raise community awareness of your recycling program.

Promoting your recycling program can be hard, especially on a fixed budget.
Recyclist’s Digital Marketing Campaigns make it easy.

We design and run online ads customized to your program needs, budget and jurisdiction.
We provide you with performance and expenditure reports so you can track the results of your investment.
And we can perfectly tailor campaigns to CalRecycle’s Beverage Container Recycling or Used Oil Recycling grant programs.

Extend the reach of your outreach by reviewing our campaign options below.

Up to $10,000
Boosted Campaign
  • Essential Campaign Features +
  • Additional Ad Buys to Match Your Budget
  • Ads and Landing Page in 2 Languages
Essential Campaign
  • Customized Local Ad Design
  • Campaign Landing Page
  • Targeted Ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram
  • Campaign Performance Report
  • Expenditure Report
Supercharged Campaign
  • Essential Campaign Features +
  • Additional Ad Buys to Match Your Budget
  • Ads and Landing Page in 2+ Languages
  • Video Ads

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing Campaigns?

With digital marketing, not only can you target your precise geographic area so that every penny is well-spent, you can also create results that will last long after the end of your campaign. Well-designed online ads can allow you to:

  • Pay only for results
  • Target your audience by geographic location
  • Target your audience by what they search for online
  • Pinpoint and address problem demographics
  • Grow your following on social media platforms
  • Increase your website traffic

How well do online ads work to promote recycling?

In our campaigns, we have seen the following results for online ad buys:

  • As little as $0.21-$0.26 cost per click
  • As little as $0.01-$0.02 cost per impression
  • Click-through rates 2-8x higher than industry average
  • Sustained increases in website traffic
  • Sustained increases in followers on social media

These kinds of numbers are impossible to achieve in traditional mailed & printed outreach, in terms of either cost or direct engagement with residents.

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