Ultimate Recycling Guide

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Local Recycling Guide

No more long, painful lists. No more recycling guides that end with “contact your city for local instructions.” Our comprehensive recycling guide takes the guesswork out of recycling by offering great practical tips for reducing, reusing and recycling hundreds of common household items, thoroughly vetted for accuracy and relevance to your local program. Highly visual, super clear and dead simple to follow, the guide is educational and engaging, and designed to inspire your citizens to think and act green.

Weekly Collection Reminders

Residents will appreciate weekly reminders about garbage day, especially on alternating-week schedules, and you will reap the benefits of 52 opportunities a year to reach out to your citizens. Reminders can be combined with tips on recycling and news about upcoming events, as well as program changes, holiday schedules and more. Just let us know if you want any changes, or make them yourself with our easy-to-use editing tools.

Mobile Friendly

Because more than half of online traffic comes from smartphones and tablets, our communications platform is designed to work perfectly across all devices. Our design gives you all the benefits of an app, with no installation necessary. With Recyclist, you’ve got the right tool to reach everyone everywhere.

Reporting Made Easy

Download print-ready reports and data that you can use to quantify and communicate your outreach efforts and outcomes to councils, boards, grants and CalRecycle.


Easy to Use

Cloud-based platform that you can access from anywhere, anytime. Zero tech skills required.

Fewer Phone Calls

Receive fewer phone calls when your residents can easily find the answers to their questions. You’ll get critical hours back every week.

Foster Community

Build trust by showing your community you care. When you put your best foot forward to serve your community, you gain credibility and support. Show you care about reducing waste, and your citizens will follow.

Always Up-To-Date

Say goodbye to outdated information, broken links and a presence that says 1995. The Recyclist team never stops working on our platform, and we make sure that your site always has the latest, greatest and most accurate content.

Fully Customizable and Localizable

The Recyclist platform is 100% customizable based on the needs of your hauler, MRF and local programs. When you sign up, we ask you a series of questions, and then customize the site for your jurisdiction. We’re always here to support you in making your platform a perfect fit for your residents and businesses.

The consensus from the international literature suggests that encouraging participation in community recycling programs may require little more than institutional commitment to support and maintain regular public information and education programs.
Dr. Mark Pratarelli SAPIENS (Surveys and Perspectives Integrating Environment and Society) Journal
States and local governments can do their part to make recycling easier for consumers by taking simple steps like ... effectively communicating recycling policies to residents.
Barack Obama Presidential Proclamation on America Recycles Day
As guardians of the public interest, local governments should focus on strengthening local reuse and repair economies ... Much needs to be done with educating citizens to consume responsibly, share resources where appropriate, and extract the maximum utility from goods.
Dr. Bill Sheehan Founder, UPSTREAM

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