Program Tracker

Stop Drowning in Spreadsheets and Paperwork

Move your waste and recycling program forward faster with our cloud-based recordkeeping and reporting system.
We’ll keep your information in sync and your team on task.

Meet California’s Mandates

AB 1826 & AB 341 Compliance

Easily identify which businesses you need to be monitoring for local ordinances and state regulations, and track their compliance statuses.

EAR-Ready Stats & Reports

With all your data and communications stored in one place, you’ll have information for your CalRecycle Electronic Annual Report right at your fingertips.

Future-Proof for SB 1383

Get ahead of forthcoming regulatory requirements, including:

  • Identifying generators
  • Tracking education and outreach to generators
  • Recording waivers issued
  • Establishing a system for self-hauler reporting
  • Maintaining a detailed list of food recovery organizations and services
  • Monitoring compliance of generators, recovery services and organizations
  • Tracking annual inspections and compliance reviews
  • Issuing notices of violation, following up every 90 days, imposing penalties
  • Keeping centralized records for 5 years and providing access on demand within 1 business day

Get a Grip on Service Data

Waste Stream Insight

We input your service data and make it accessible and useful. Our system makes data easy to understand so you can get all the insight you need into business and multi-family waste streams.

One Database to Rule Them All

All businesses and multi-family accounts are conveniently stored in one place, so you can quickly find contacts, addresses, service information and outreach history.

Ongoing Data Updates

Our service includes periodic data imports that give you visibility into service changes, including new accounts, closed accounts and changes in service levels.

Coordinate a Multi-Agency, Multi-Person Outreach Team

Cloud-Based Data Syncing

Whether you’re with the city, the hauler or a consultancy, at the office or in the field, the data you enter is visible in real-time to everyone involved in an outreach effort.

Task Scheduling

No more forgotten or overlapping tasks. Coordinate and delegate all your team’s activities — site visits, phone calls, even distributing bins and flyers — using our task calendar.

Education & Outreach

Manage all your communications and activities in one place — you can even send bulk emails through our interface.

Take Your Data With You

Waste Assessments

Generate right-sizing service estimates based on your local rates. Add photos from your mobile device, type in notes, and send a PDF branded with your city or company, all right on the spot.

Mobile App for Field Visits

For in-person audits or assessments, grab a tablet and enter data straight into the system. There’s no need for time-consuming data entry back at the office.

Visualize Your Data


Gives you an at-a-glance view of what’s happening in your program right now, so you can assess your progress and plan your next move.

Generate Charts & Reports

Automatic, up-to-date charts and graphs allow you to see the big picture and track outcomes over time.


Interactive waste-generation-based maps allow you to see where businesses and multi-family properties are clustered and to plan targeted and efficient outreach.

Customized and Personalized for Today — and Tomorrow


Everyone’s program and workflow is different — we customize our software to meet the specific needs of your program.

Personalized Training

We provide a customized tutorial for your staff, and we give you the information you need to utilize the full capacity of the tool.

New Features

Your annual subscription includes access to any new features we develop. Some of our best improvements begin as customer requests, so we’re all ears.

Let the Tracker Transform Your Program

No more messy service data.
No more juggling spreadsheets.
No more outdated information.

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