Talking Organics at the SWANA Western Regional Symposium

If you’re attending the SWANA Western Regional Symposium, come by the Organics Solutions Technical Session to hear Beyond Spreadsheets: Using Cloud Technology for Commercial Organics Monitoring, Compliance and Outreach by Recyclist Founder Emily Coven.

Attendees will get a closer look at our cloud-based solution that makes it (literally!) 7 million times faster to identify businesses that are on the hook for AB 1826 compliance in 2016, 2017 and 2019, and then to track their progress and conduct simple, effective outreach.

We look forward to a great conversation with SWANA members about the challenges and opportunities in a data-based approach to managing commercial organics programs, including accessing and working with hauler data, balancing automated vs in-person outreach, and venturing into self-reporting and text messaging.